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Facility Planning

Last Updated: 11/17/2022 5:06 PM
Update November 2022

Canfield Local Schools is in the process of developing a long-term facility plan that satisfies the educational needs of our students and the broader community. 

Since the defeat of the bond levy in May 2022, the district has taken this time to listen to the community and re-evaluate the approach for long-term facility planning. To gather feedback and input, a facility survey was administered to community members over the summer of 2022 around the recent bond levy, condition of the current buildings and preferences toward potential facility plan options. We would like to thank the over 1,200 respondents who took the time to complete this survey. This feedback was invaluable and served as the foundation to inform our planning efforts moving forward. 

As we look to develop a facility plan that addresses our aging facilities, we are in need of a diverse and committed group who represent Canfield’s past, present and future. We will be engaging a facility planning committee to explore the existing facilities, understand the needs and goals of the district and advise on a master plan option that the community will support. We hope that you’ll consider being part of this committee. To sign up, please CLICK HERE.

The planning process will begin with an in-depth review of all existing buildings to understand and evaluate condition, costs, educational adequacy and sites. The meetings will conclude with a building tour. These meetings are scheduled from October - December 2022 and are open to the community. We encourage you to attend. 

Building on the information discussed during the existing building review meetings, we will conduct in-person master plan discussions with the facility committee in January - April 2023. These meetings will investigate various master plan options and associated costs, explore site feasibility and conduct group activities and discussions around pros/cons of plan options. The facility committee and community will have the opportunity to review and give feedback on plan options before any recommendations are made to the board of education.   

When we feel we have a facility plan the community will support, a recommendation will be made to the board of education who will ultimately decide on next steps and whether or not to move forward with an action plan. We are aiming to have a master plan recommendation finalized by April 2023. 

To help ensure the community has access to all information from planning discussions, we created this dedicated Facility Resources page on our district website to serve as a central location. Please visit this webpage for the most up-to-date information on the facility planning process and feel free to contact Superintendent Knoll at with any questions.

Please know we are not moving forward with any preconceived notions about facility plan options. All options and suggestions regarding the school buildings will be entirely vetted and guided by the community. 

We encourage all community members to follow along and be involved in the conversation.

This is an exciting time for Canfield Local Schools where, collectively, we can develop the best plan to serve our students and community for years to come. We look forward to your input.

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Want to join the Facility Committee?

The Facility Committee is open to residents in the Canfield Local School District. CLICK HERE for the form