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Canfield High School Students Earn 45 Superior Medals!


Thirty-nine members of the Canfield High School Band Program participated in 31 events at the annual Ohio Music Education Association (OMEA) District 5 Solo and Ensemble Adjudicated Event. This year’s event was held virtually.


The OMEA Solo and Ensemble Adjudicated Event is an opportunity for high school instrumental and vocal students to perform before an adjudicator and be evaluated on that performance. The students entered in a variety of events from solo performances to large ensembles. Entering in three class categories from “A” or most difficult to “C” or least difficult, each event was evaluated and awarded a rating. The rating system used is “I” for a superior performance, “II” for an outstanding performance, “III” for an acceptable performance, “IV” for a poor performance, and “V” for a very poor performance.


Canfield High School earned 24-I’s and 7-II’s. Of the 24 overall I's or Superior ratings, Canfield students brought home 45 Superior medals!


Congratulations to all of the following students for their “superior” musical achievement:



Hayden Nottingham 12th Grade Trombone Class A

David Schmidt 12th Grade Trombone Class B

Joshua Farley 11th Grade Euphonium Class B

John Heino 11th Grade Trumpet Class A

Anthony Meranto 11th Grade Piano Class A

Chris Smallwood 10th Grade Snare Drum Class A

Samantha Scheckelhoff 11th Grade Euphonium Class B

Taylor Zets 11th Grade Snare Drum Class A

Irene Dong 10th Grade Bassoon Class B

Allison Farley 10th Grade Flute Class B

Ryan Lamb 10th Grade Tuba Class A

Quinton Miller 10th Grade French Horn Class A

Wesley Rich 10th Grade Trombone Class B

Julia Stratton 10th Grade Bassoon Class A

Timothy Stryanec 10th Grade Snare Drum Class C

Emily Heino 9th Grade Flute Class A

Harjote Kaur 9th Grade Piano Class C

Riya Sethi 9th Grade Snare Drum Class C

Evin Tura 9th Grade Euphonium Class A

Allyson Vernon 9th Grade Snare Drum Class C



Canfield Brass Quintet (Class A)

Aidan Fay (French horn), John Heino (trumpet), Ryan Lamb (tuba), Hayden Nottingham (trombone), and Benjamin Pugh (trumpet)


Canfield Symphonic Mallet Ensemble (Class B)

David Drevna and Dylan Kollat, Instructors

Dev Sethi, Meera Sethi, and Christopher Smallwood


Canfield Symphonic Percussion Ensemble (Class B)

David Drevna and Dylan Kollat, Instructors

Daniel Earley, Joy Jenkins, Ty Schaab, Dev Sethi, Cadin Tsvetkoff, and Taylor Zets


Canfield Concert Percussion Ensemble (Class B)

David Drevna and Dylan Kollat, Instructors

Kayleigh Geisz, Hope Karash, Madeleine McCartney, Riya Sethi, Christopher Smallwood, Timothy Stryanec, and Allyson Vernon



Michael Weaver 10th Grade Trombone Class A

Madison Edwards 9th Grade Bb Clarinet Class B

Harjote Kaur 9th Grade Oboe Class A

Brian Leeper 9th Grade Trombone Class B

Harrison Miller 9th Grade Trombone Class B

Allyson Vernon 9th Grade Mallets Class C



Canfield Flute Trio (Class B)

Christopher Jacobson, Gia Martin, David Schmidt




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