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About Us

Hilltop Elementary School
Hilltop Elementary School is such an exciting place to be. Our team of teachers and support staff are committed to providing the best possible education for each of your children. We are committed to creating a safe and positive environment where children are involved in learning activities that meet their individual needs. We value the importance of family involvement and invite you to be part of your child’s education. Communication between home and school is a vital part of our educational process.

Hilltop is one of two elementary schools in the Canfield School District. The teams of teachers at both schools work closely to coordinate programs, align instruction, and create common goals. We value the concept of a neighborhood school and understand it is important for children to attend school with the children they have come to know and appreciate.
C.H. Campbell and Hilltop Elementary Schools, grades K-4, now offer all-day kindergarten. Our curriculum includes reading, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, guidance, music, physical education, art, library, Title 1 reading and math intervention, computer skills and inclusion services.

Hilltop was opened in 1974 and is located on approximately 23 acres. Our school services children in kindergarten through grade four. Transitions are a very important part of our school setting. Our teachers make every attempt to make transitions between grade levels and between schools as seamless as possible.

Learning activities will vary between the grades. Our goal is to continually work together to help children become independent problem solvers. We strive to create child-centered, engaging activities that best meet the needs of children at every developmental level. We encourage you to become involved by creating home routines that support this process. It is important that children practice the skills they learn each day. For this reason, all children will have home extension activities that are appropriate for their age. Helping them establish a daily routine to practice these skills is so important. Encourage your children to work independently, so they can begin to see their academic growth both at home and at school.

Socialization is a vital part of the elementary education process. Children will be making new friends, almost daily and we recognize how important their social emotional growth is to their over all well being. For this reason, our teachers strive to look at the needs of the whole child. The staff appreciates the resilience of childhood and work diligently to create a warm and welcoming environment for everyone. Getting involved in the school community is very important for young children. Playground time, while well supervised, is a time for children to work and play independently together. This is a time for them to practice the social skills they have learned, such as taking turns, sharing, respecting other points of view and working together to resolve conflicts.

We encourage all parents to have fun reading with their children each night. Reading together generates a love for learning and is a way all parents can get involved. The “Parent Involvement” section of our monthly newsletter often highlights ways parents can become involved both at home and at school. Our doors are always open to discuss any concern you may have. We recognize that you trust us with your most valued treasure, your child. The staff at Hilltop is committed to creating the best learning environment possible.

On behalf of the Hilltop Family, we welcome you to our school. We value parent involvement at all levels. Our PTO is a very important part of our school organization. We invite you to become an integral part of the Hilltop family by becoming an active partner in your child’s learning.