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Internship Program

The internship opportunity is available to juniors and seniors. It allows students to learn about careers that await them after graduation. Students will be able to experience a career field of their choice while in high school by completing a 30 hour unpaid internship. Students will complete assignments including but not limited to resume writing, critical reflection, research, and employability tasks.

Employers and schools recognize that when young people understand the nature of work and the opportunities available to them, they are more likely to become productive, responsible members of the community. In turn, these same youth begin to value their educational experience.

The following criteria will be used when selecting candidates for the internship program:

·         A minimum GPA of 2.5 is recommended.

·         Completion of all course projects and assignments.

·         95% attendance rate.

·         Reliable transportation to and from the work site.

·         Completion of the interviewing process with the Co-Directors.

·         Early release eligibility.

If you would like more information, please contact Mrs. Alexandrides or Ms. English

Click here for a brochure.